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If you wish to purchase larger quantities of TUBALL™, please contact our sales department. In advance you can look at our price list.


If you are interested in improving the properties of your materials by using OCSiAl’s competencies and expertise (or interested in the development of your own project by establishing a JV with OCSiAl in a particular industry), please contact our product-developer in a corresponding area:


If you are interested in planning large consignments (1 ton/year or more), or in investing in a project of OCSiAl – please contact our regional representatives to arrange a meeting with senior management of OCSiAl.

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Need more TUBALL™?
If you are interested in purchasing TUBALL™ in larger quantities (more than 1 kg), please contact the respective OCSiAl office to get more information on pricing & delivery terms within your territory.
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