Definition of  TUBALL™ RUBBER

Today, more and more manufacturers are trying new materials in formulations to achieve specific properties of rubber. One of these new materials is carbon nanotubes, particularly single wall carbon nanotubes

TUBALL™ SWCNT increase the strength of rubber while maintaining flexibility and, in some cases, improving additional important properties: hardness, cohesive strength, dynamic fatigue strength, abrasion resistance, hysteresis losses, and others.

There are two major solution types for rubbers OCSiAl is developing:

  • Rubber compounds and mixtures modification with SWCNT (VMQ, NR, SBR, NBR)
  • Rubber polymers synthesis additive

The materials that OCSiAl selected as nanotube carriers are the components of the rubber compound, namely rubber polymers, fillers and oil plasticizers. Thereby, addition of single wall carbon nanotubes into rubbers does not change the composition of a rubber compound.

Rubber modifying suspensions and masterbatches developed by OCSiAl are called TUBALL™ RUBBER.

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