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TUBALL™ nanotubes are the first SWCNTs to be available for commercial applications in a wide range of industries. OCSiAl’s breakthrough yet low-cost mass-production technology has made the widespread use of nanotubes economically viable while still preserving their high quality.

TUBALL™ features

  • High quality of SWCNT (G/D ratio >90)
  • Best price-to-performance ratio compared with analogues
  • Gains traction starting from extremely low concentrations
  • Adds uniform electrical conductivity
  • Enhances mechanical properties of materials
  • Maintains colour, elasticity and other key properties
  • Versatile for an extremely wide range of applications

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TUBALL™ 50 grams



Price per pack:$435.00

Status:In stock


Size:83 x 83 x 140 mm


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