Definition of  TUBALL™ BATT

TUBALL™ BATT by OCSiAl is dispersion of single wall carbon nanotubes in NMP or H₂O. It is a conductive additive for the electrode slurry for li-ion batteries with different cathode or anode chemistry.

It is a ready-to-use suspension intended for complete substitution of (or in addition to) the standard technological solvent at the stage of preparation of electrode slurry for lithium ion batteries. Using top-quality SWCNT when preparing TUBALL™ BATT allows to completely replace common conductive carbon additives, even when TUBALL™ quantities as low as 0.04% (as a percentage of dry residue) into the electrode material.

OCSiAl offers free samples of TUBAL™ BATT, a masterbatch that provides all the effects mentioned.

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