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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) has been a serious industrial problem for centuries. Every imaginable business and industrial process has issues with electrostatic charge and discharge at one time or another. Munitions and explosives, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, printing and graphic arts, textiles, painting, plastics, and electronics are just some of the industries where control of static electricity has significant importance.

The common way to avoid static discharge is to ground all conductors in Electrostatic Protected Area. Insulating materials don’t conduct electricity and thus can’t dissipate generated charges to the ground: addition of anti–static additives is required in order to provide the required surface or bulk conductivity to insulating materials, so that the generated charges could be eliminated or dissipated to the surroundings or to the ground.

Today more and more manufactures are turning to carbon nanotubes, especially single wall carbon nanotubes, as the solution to attain the required ESD protection while maintaining or even improving other important properties of materials. OCSiAl has developed dispersion expertise in combining TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes with numerous thermoset resin systems and base solvents for paints and coatings, resulting in class leading electrical conductivity.

Masterbatches with single wall carbon nanotubes TUBALL™ for thermoset compounds are produced by independent manufacturers.

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