Definition of  TUBALL™ INK

TUBALL™ INK is an electroconductive water-based suspension of TUBALL™ to be used in transparent conductive coatings. The suspension contains perfectly dispersed TUBALL™ after filtration and centrifugation. Transparent coatings made with TUBALL™ INK are highly resistant to mechanical stress and have sufficient optical properties as well as low surface resistance. The very good adhesion of TUBALL™ to polymer substrates eliminates the requirement of using additional adhesives and provides true versatility for different applications requiring surface conductivity.

Key properties

Surface resistance (Rs) and transmittance (T) are the most important parameters for TCFs. The easiest way to reduce resistance is to increase the conductive layer thickness, which leads to transmittance losses. Therefore, the balance between the resistance and the transmittance of the transparent conductive film is sought for in most of the applications.

Important additional properties of TCFs are the presence or absence of optical interference (haze), the resistance to mechanical stresses, as well as the transparency in near-IR spectrum.

OCSiAl is developing a technology to create TCFs with a conductive layer based on graphene tubes. The usage of TUBALL as the material of the conductive layer has provided the ultimate improvement of the quality of the conductive films.

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